Faizal Tahir: Yasin helped me become a better person

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30 May – It doesn't matter what people think about Yasin Sulaiman and his drug case, because to Faizal Tahir, the former was the person who helped him a lot in becoming a better person.

Speaking to the media about the "Mimpi Laila" singer at the launch of his new single, "Alah Bisa", the singer and music producer stated that he learned a lot about life and religion from Yasin.

"I learned about the Quran, about tadabbur and things about life from him. Aside from playing video games together, we enjoy looking for good input on YouTube. He likes to share knowledge with me," Faizal said.

Faizal, who admitted to have last visited the singer last year, said that Yasin is the one who changed him into a more positive person.

"If people see me now, the name that comes to mind is Yasin. He also doesn't like to think badly of others," he added.

Faizal added that he knows Yasin needs support and that he won't comment when it comes to question about who is right and who is wrong.

It was back in March that Yasin was charged in the Magistrate Court for planting and trafficking cannabis at his residence in Kota Damansara. The singer's legal rep later revealed that Yasin has bipolar disorder and had been cultivating the plants for medicinal purposes.

Faizal Tahir launches new song 'Alah Bisa' alongside Amira Othman
Faizal Tahir launches new song 'Alah Bisa' alongside Amira Othman

(Photo Source: Faizal Tahir Instagram, Yasin Sulaiman Instagram)