Facebook keeps its lead as most used social network worldwide, TikTok the growth story of the year

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With over 2.7 billion active users, Facebook remains more than ever the most popular social network worldwide, according to October's Digital Report from the We Are Social agency conducted with the social media management platform Hootsuite. TikTok has recorded the biggest growth.

TikTok has emerged the big winner when it comes to social media networks and user figures compared to the previous Digital Report published last January. This year's hot-topic network was originally associated with Douyin, its Chinese-only version. Both applications counted 600 million users in January, a figure that doubled in 10 months. WhatsApp also boasts an impressive increase with 400 million new users in less than a year.
Even though they are very popular in Europe and the USA, Snapchat (433 million), Pinterest (416 million) and even Twitter (353 million) don't rank in the top 10 social networks worldwide.

Top 10 most popular social media worldwide in user numbers

1. Facebook, 2.7 billion
2. YouTube, 2 billion
3. WhatsApp, 2 billion
4. Facebook Messenger, 1.3 billion
5. WeChat, 1.2 billion
6. Instagram, 1.1 billion
7. TikTok, 689 million
8. QQ, 648 million
9. Douyin, 600 million
10. Weibo, 523 million

The same report shows that 4.14 billion users connect at least once a month to at least one social media network, a new record!