Twitter users call out FaceApp's 'age challenge' for being sexist

We’ve all seen FaceApp’s “age challenge” circulating the internet. Celebrity after celebrity are using the AI app to predict what their future selves will look like.

We’ve even joined in, making everything from our babies to our dogs look older.

The app launched in 2017, but decreased in popularity after it was rumoured to be stealing our data.

It has had the mother of all comebacks this week, though.

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If you’ve managed to avoid the craze, you simply upload a picture of yourself to the app and voilà, it turns you into a wrinkled version of what you may or may not look like in the future.

After looking at the pictures the app is churning out, though, the people of Twitter have called it out for being sexist.

They are claiming that women are made to look much worse, with more wrinkles, than men.

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“After seeing a bunch of results from the FaceApp age filter, I have to say, it’s pretty stark how much better men look when they’re old vs. women. I mean, I already knew that, but this just makes it that much more clear that nature is sexist.” One person wrote.

Another said: “How come FaceApp is kind to all men and all women look haggard. Sexist much?”

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Celebrities from Courteney Cox to Drake have taken part in the challenge, showcasing their aged faces.

People have commented on Courteney Cox’s post describing is as “the scariest transformation I’ve seen from this app”, sparking the debate over the app’s sexism.

FaceApp has been approached for comment.

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