Explore prehistoric sites through VR this December at the National Museum of Singapore

Reena Devi
Lifestyle Reporter
(Photo: The Virtual Reality Showcase/National Museum of Singapore)

Engage your inner archaeologist, discover endangered UNESCO sites and experience real contemporary artwork at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) this coming December.

The series of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences include The Cave, which brings visitors back in time 30,000 years ago to the glacial age as they discover and explore a mysterious cave.

Another experience allows visitors to take a virtual tour through the St Petersburg Hermitage Museum in Russia, complete with first century sculptures located in the Jupiter Hall.

The Virtual Reality Showcase also allows visitors to experience real contemporary issues, artworks, performances, art films and acclaimed VR productions by other international specialists and creators. The free event also includes a parallel series of talks, starting with “Digital Conversations: Virtual Reality” held from 7 to 10 December 2017.

Specialists and creators from around the world will share their insights on VR creation and its next challenges with professionals from the culture, heritage, arts and technology sectors. The talks will explore the challenges of making VR content, as well as the next level of VR storytelling and productions.

The Virtual Reality Showcase is part of a larger digital initiative spearheaded by NMS to encourage visitors to discover VR creations related to different genres from around the world. Here is a full list of VR experiences:

  • The Pull, from director Quba Michalski, brings viewers to a secret science facility where gravity has been conquered.
  • The Cave, by InnerspaceVR, takes viewers to prehistoric caves and gives people a sense of the history and the supernatural surrounding them.
  • Ashes to Ashes, from the Netherlands, is an experience filmed in way that challenges viewers about what is reality or not, through the story of a dysfunctional family burdened by the bizarre last wish of their deceased grandfather.
  • The Argos File, from America, brings viewers to a world uncannily similar to our own where augmented reality is everywhere, with nearly one third of the Earth’s population addicted to recording and sharing their own memories.
  • Ground Beneath Her, directed by Gabo Arora, is a virtual reality film that showcases the struggle of 14-year-old Sabita more than a year after the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015.
  • Paris, Behind the Scenes, directed by Vincent Ravalec, showcases the hidden aspects of the most famous monuments in the French capital.
  • Beach Road, directed and produced by Hiverlab, is a short experimental film created in a 360 degree setting, and features a parking lot attendant who dreams of becoming a writer.
  • Sergeant James, directed by Alexander Perez captures the innocence of youth and the wonder of the unknown during a boy’s bedtime.
  • Allumette, by Penrose Studio features a young orphan girl who lives in a fantastical city in the clouds.
  • Dear Angelica, from Emmy award winning Oculus Story Studio is a journey through the magical dreamlike ways we remember the people we love.
  • Notes to My Father, by Jaysha Patel is set in the lush landscape of Southern India and brings you a story of love and reconciliation between father and daughter.
  • Pearl, directed by Patrick Osborne follows a girl and their father as they criss cross the country in search of their dreams.
  • Notes on Blindness-Into Darkness is a documentary and multi-platform interactive project created together charting the steady deterioration of writer and theologian John Hull into blindness.
  • Through the Masks of Luzia is based on the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil show, a celebration of Mexican culture, shrouded in surrealism and dreamlike fantasy.
  • Empty Room by Christine Webster is dedicated to the exploration of new musical compositions in virtual 3D spaces.
  • The Hermitage Museum brings visitors on a virtual tour of the historic museum’s Jupiter Hall.
  • Revival provides 3D digitisation and further understanding of key monuments that were severely damaged by the Islamic State.
  • Timescape is Hiverlab’s long term heritage conservation crowd sourcing storytelling initiative on world heritage sites.

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