What To Expect From ‘Enola Holmes 2’: Who’s In It, What’s It About

Enola Holmes 2, the sequel to the hugely successful Enola Holmes (2020), is set to drop on Netflix on 4 November 2022.

Enola Holmes is a fictional character created by Nancy Springer. Enola is a young detective and the only sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes.

Here are all the details about Enola Holmes 2

Main cast and crew return

Enola Holmes
Image credit: Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2022 – © 2022 Netflix, Inc./IMDb

Enola Holmes 2 features most of the main cast from the first film.

Stranger Things (2016–) star Millie Bobby Brown returns as the titular Enola Holmes.

Henry Cavill, who was in the news recently for leaving Netflix’s The Witcher (2019–) franchise and returning as Superman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films, plays Sherlock.

Helena Bonham Carter reprises her role of Eudoria Holmes — the matriarch of the Holmes family. Also returning are Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury, Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade and Susie Wokoma as Edith.

Harry Bradbeer, who directed the first film, returns to helm the sequel. Jack Thorne is the screenwriter for the sequel as well.

Story revolves around a real incident

Henry Cavill
Image credit: Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2022 – © 2022 Netflix, Inc./IMDb

The story of Enola Holmes 2 takes inspiration from a real incident that happened in London in 1888. It was known as the matchgirls’ strike and involved employees of the Bryant & May match factory where their lives were threatened by the use of white phosphorus.

In Enola Holmes 2, Enola takes up her first case as a professional detective after opening an agency. But she quickly discovers that life as a female detective-for-hire is paved with roadblocks.

Just when she is about to close down her agency, Enola is approached by a matchstick girl. The impoverished little girl requests Enola to find her missing sister.

The kind-hearted Enola, who is already itching for a case, takes it up. On further investigation, she discovers that the case is not only puzzling but also dangerously political.

It takes Enola through London’s darkest alleys, its cavernous factories, bright music halls, working-class homes, upper-class societies and 221B Baker Street itself.

Eventually, when things get difficult for Enola, she reluctantly turns to her brother, Sherlock, for help.

What critics say about the sequel

The film had its world premiere on 27 October in New York City. It has received extremely positive reviews from critics, who praised Brown’s performance as Enola and the overall feel of the movie.

Giving the film three out of five stars, Benjamin Lee of The Guardian writes in his review that the sequel is “an equally boisterous romp that’s equally as hard to remember once it’s over but one that should keep its many fans engaged enough to warrant further sequels.”

Enola Holmes 2‘s shortcomings don’t wreck the film — it’s a serviceable sequel — but the tension between the topics the film tackles and the soft-pedaled approach is one that hopefully won’t haunt future projects,” Lovia Gyarkye writes in The Hollywood Reporter.

Andrew Webster of The Verge writes that the film has “all the fun and charm a family-friendly action movie needs.”

“It’s the kind of bombastic action flick that will likely appeal to fans of older franchises like The Mummy or National Treasure. Which is all to say that while Enola Holmes as a franchise isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it is a lot of fun in a very specific way. And the sequel is able to get to that fun much quicker now that we already know most of the cast of characters,” writes Webster.

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