"The Exorcist's 2nd Meter" defends mediocre special effects

3 Jun – TVB producer Dave Fong has dismissed criticisms made regarding the special effects used on his series, "The Exorcist's 2nd Meter", which many thought was mediocre at best.

As reported on Mingpao, the producer who spoke about the use of effects - including one revolving the character Pui Pui (Moon Lau) disappearing into mid-air after saying goodbye to Siu Ma (Kenneth Ma) - said that he is not making a Marvel superhero movie.

"We have to face the limitation of the production scale. In order to improve the special effects, we will have to add [a lot of money] into the budget," he said.

When mentioned that TVB has given the sequel a higher budget, Dave laughed and said that it was not that high that he would be able to achieve the impossible.

"To be fair, the increased resources did improve some of the results of the effects, like episode 8 and the battle in episodes 24 and 25.

Dave also admitted that making a sequel is much harder than creating a new story, despite the benefit of having characters that are already known by viewers.

"While there is no need to introduce the characters, the challenge comes in a form of whether or not the same thing should be repeated. Audiences' expectations may not be consistent with the creator's original intention. We were able to do the first series successfully because there was no expectation," he said.

Dave stated that the first series was a story of awakening, and the sequel was a story about growth.

"If there is a third instalment, we will have a different theme altogether. But whether or not there will be one depends on TVB's decision," he added.