The Exhilarating Showdown at the First-Ever, NERF Interschool Competition!

Shreya Jagdish

Fun, interactive and exciting – these are just some of the few words to describe the thrilling battle that went down at the first-ever NERF interschool competition. Over 70 primary and secondary school students from all around Singapore immersed themselves in adrenaline-pumping gameplay of NERF battles and obstacle courses at the NERF Action Xperience Centre on 2 November 2019.

As schools gear towards holistic education for students of today, more institutions are now promoting extra-curricular activities that encourage a well-rounded and enriching learning environment. This is why it’s no surprise that the first-ever NERF interschool competition was held so successfully.

In preparation for the showdown, students honed their battle skills by engaging in some awesome NERF gameplay during their physical education (PE) classes. 

Finally, on the day of the competition, 14 secondary school teams and 5 primary school teams put up an exciting showdown across obstacles courses and battle zones at the NERF Action Xperience Centre. Participants also went home with exciting prizes comprising of NERF’s best sellers and limited-edition items worth up to $800. 

Nerf Interschool Competition

Credit: Hasbro Singapore

Honing developmental skills at the four zones

During the competition, students and teachers competed across four thrilling zones at the NERF Action Xperience Centre, where they immersed themselves in exhilarating NERF gameplay.

Take for example the ‘compete’ zone, where students engaged in heart-racing fun as they worked together as a team to secure a vaccine in a “battle against zombies” or to “protect a planet from an invasion.”

To take things up a notch, students went through the ‘conquer’ zone which took NERF-style physical play to a whole new level. The zone offers active play experiences conducted in challenging landscapes—inspired by the world’s harshest terrains with activities such as drop slides and high rope courses. The gameplay was designed to help children overcome their fears and test their limits, building children’s confidence, tenacity and resilience.

While academic excellence remains a key priority when it comes to the education, developing necessary skills and qualities youths will need for the future is equally important. The NERF Interschool Competition definitely helped the participants in doing that.

Apart from endless fun and play offered, the obstacle courses gave students the opportunity to pick up soft skills such as teamwork, communication and even creativity. 

At the NERF interschool competition, the various activities were great opportunities that allowed kids to engage in competitive challenges, whilst showing off what they can achieve. This instilled a sense of achievement and empowerment in participants as they took on challenges and conquered each obstacle course. 

Plus, during the competition, students also had the opportunity to try out NERF’s wide range of blasters!

Nerf Interschool Competition

Credit: Hasbro Singapore

More than just a regular toy 

Since its inception 50 years ago, NERF has been promoting social and physical well-being through its fun and exciting gameplay.

NERF blasters and gameplay engage children in an active lifestyle, getting kids up and running on their feet—that’s one great fitness benefit right there!

And because play has been linked with both social and cognitive development, the competitive nature of playing with NERF—just like in the interschool competition—teaches kids important life skills like mental agility, competitiveness, tactical skills and teamwork.

Even local football legend Fandi Ahmad enjoys getting together with his kids and engaging in some good ol’ fun with NERF. In an Instagram post, the 57-year-old also mentioned how NERF has been an important element of his bonding time with his two boys.

Nerf Interschool Competition

Credit: Hasbro Singapore

NERF for a great family time 

So parents, if you are looking to spice up your bonding time with your kids, consider involving the family in some blastin’ fun with NERF! NERF blasters’ foam-rubber based design ensures that you and your kids are safe, no matter how competitive things get. The wide range of products also allows you to get the age-appropriate item for your kids.

For parents with younger children (3-5 years old), the NERF Nitro Aero Fury and Nitro LongShot are great tools for your family game time. Unlike most NERF blasters that shoot rubber pellets, these are stunt sets that let you and your child create awesome car stunts with 2 foam cars and a long-jump ramp.

And for parents who love the outdoors, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can also bring these blasters and sets with you to the playground, beach or even on holiday trips! 

So parents if you are getting too used to your typical family bonding activities and are looking for something more exciting, the NERF range of blasters are sure to offer your family a whole new experience everyone will enjoy. 

NERF is available at all leading toy stores including Toy R Us and online stores Amazon and Lazada.

The competition was held at the Nerf Action Xperience Center, Marina Square #01-208.

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