Exercising but yet feeling weaker? Learn when is the best time to exercise

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By: Wenting Ang

Exercising can be tricky for working adults; some might say that they do not have time to devote to a regular exercise program, while others share that they could not find the right timing to exercise. 

A common practice nowadays is to exercise at the gym. “Going to gyms at night to exercise can, however, do more harm than good,” Dr Xu, President of Ren He Tang, divulged. 

Yin and yang are likened to night and day. In the day, yang qi is active, making it the best time to exercise. During the night, yang qi is transformed into yin qi, which is an indication that we should rest. Our internal organs utilise yin qi to repair themselves and yin qi flourish in our organs during this time. 

For those who exercise at night, Dr Xu shared that instead of allowing the internal organs to receive the qi needed, you are exhaling qi in large amounts. “Without enough qi in your internal organs, you will end up weakening and harming your internal organs,” Dr Xu warned.

“Furthermore, the stagnant and turbid qi that is stuck in the gyms, accumulated since daytime when others exercised, is what you are intaking when you exercise at night.”

A qigong practitioner under Master Yin Quan of Bai Yin Qigong was a victim of bad exercising practices in the past. 

An office worker, the practitioner goes regularly for a 40-minute swimming regime after work. Soon, he realised that it made him even more tired than before he started exercising. “He felt severe soreness every day and experienced shortness of breath even when he is doing just a short presentation during meetings,” Master Yin shared. 

The imbalance in qi creates a harmful environment in your body, making it easy for people to experience coldness in your hands and feet, as well as being irritable and angry easily. 

Jogging at night is highly inadvisable, Dr Xu cautioned. “Especially if the weather is cold, jogging at night is really harmful to your body. When you sweat, your pores will open, allowing cold air into your body. The cold qi will bring harm to your ligaments and bones.” 

According to Doctor Xu, even if you break out in hives due to the heat while exercising, you should still keep a regular exercise regime for your wellbeing. It is, however, important to note that someone with skin allergies should not over-exert themselves and practise moderation in exercising. 

The 5-part Yang Technique in qigong can help to regulate and calm down your qi, as well as directing qi to your internal organs. 

5-part Yang Technique 

  1. Stand with your feet spread at shoulder-width, body relaxed

  2. Pat your right shoulder with your left hand and the ming men acupoint (on your back, right behind the belly button) with your right-hand lightly

  3. Alternate sides and repeat for 10 times to stimulate the acupoints

  4. Next, pat your qi hu acupoint (located on your heart) with your right hand and the ming men acupoint with your left lightly

  5. Alternate sides, with your left hand patting your right shoulder and right patting your ming men acupoint 

  6. Repeat for 10 times

  7. Now, pat your tang zhong acupoint (located on your chest) with your right hand and the dai mai acupoint (located on your waist) with your left lightly

  8. Alternate sides, with your left patting the tang zhong acupoint and right on the left dai mai acupoint

  9. Repeat for 10 times

  10. Finally, pat your dan tian acupoint (located on your lower tummy) with your right hand and the ming men acupoint with your left lightly

  11. Alternate hands and repeat for 10 times

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