Exclusive: Strictly's AJ Odudu in tears over Greatest Auction moment

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aj odudu, the greatest auction
Strictly's AJ Odudu in tears on Greatest AuctionChannel 4

Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Odudu has a busy year ahead of her as she’s set to host the Big Brother reboot this autumn, but her most recent job has proved to be an "emotional" one.

She’s currently presenting The Greatest Auction, an eight-part series on Channel 4.

The new show sees sellers bring an array of extraordinary items in front of ambitious millionaires, passionate private collectors, and seasoned dealers at The Greatest Auction as they discover their true value.

While Odudu has always found auctions "fascinating", it seems she wasn’t prepared for the level of emotion that would come with her new presenting job.

aj odudu, the greatest auction
Channel 4

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Chatting exclusively to Digital Spy, Odudu revealed she was left in tears after hearing one contestant’s heart-breaking story.

"There’s a lot of emotional moments," she revealed. "There was this one woman whose item didn't even end up selling but it's because we just felt like we just couldn't sell it.

"She was just far too attached to it and essentially, there was no value on this pot. It was a pot, but she'd got so many memories tied to it.

aj odudu, the greatest auction
Channel 4

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"This was a woman who had lost her entire family in a war. Lost her home, lost her family, and the only thing she had left was this pot.

"And oh my gosh, I don't think there was a dry eye in the building that day. We were like, 'We can't sell it, you’ve got to keep it'."

aj odudu, brit awards 2023
Jo Hale - Getty Images

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Reflecting on another emotional moment from the show, Odudu explained how one contestant brought in a collection of music memorabilia including albums and old concert tickets.

"When that sold for the price that he wanted for it, he just burst into tears," she said. "It just really tugged at your heartstrings.

"You can't help it but you end up crying with people over objects that you start off not feeling attached to, but because they're attached to it, you become attached to it as well.

"It's really beautiful and it's so nice to see everyone's vulnerable sides and people opening up about all of the incredible things that they're attached to and why they're attached to them."

The Greatest Auction airs Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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