EXCLUSIVE: Seaman Schepps Debuts First Men’s Collection

Seaman Schepps is entering a new jewelry category.

The roughly 120-year-old heritage jewelry brand is launching its first men’s collection Wednesday, offering a range of rings, bracelets and necklaces that leverage the Seaman Schepps archives and popular women’s styles.

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“As fashion has evolved for men, men are not just wearing gray suits and white shirts to work anymore,” said Anthony Hopenhajm, the owner of Seaman Schepps. “They’re wearing things that are a little more interesting. Instead of wearing, let’s say, cuff links and ties, you find a lot of men wearing bracelets or rings and they’re very comfortable wearing a neck chain.”

Seaman Schepps’ men’s jewelry collection offers new takes on its tried-and-true styles, but fit for men. Standout pieces include the Daytona Link bracelet, which is a version of its bestselling Mousetrap bracelet made in 22-karat yellow gold, and the Verona Chain bracelet, which is made with 18-karat gold and can be accented with black onyx, lapis, sapphires or diamonds.

Other styles include a range of signet rings, which are bespoke items that can be customized with initials or family crests. Pieces from the men’s collection start at $2,500.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the youngest person, but I think it’s more someone who’s a little bit settled,” Hopenhajm said about the collection’s target customer. “A man who’s comfortable and enjoys wearing fine quality doesn’t have to have the initials blazoned all over his T-shirt, but prefers to have fine quality inside the clothing that they’re wearing and doesn’t want the showiest thing in the world, but wants something that really has fine workmanship and craftsmanship and design.”

While Seaman Schepps has offered men’s pieces in the past, including its popular cuff links made by Hopenhajm’s other brand, Trianon, this is the jeweler’s first dedicated men’s collection.

seaman schepps
The Seaman Schepps Daytona Link bracelet.

The collection comes at a time of growing interest in the men’s jewelry category, as many retailers are expanding their offerings to meet customer demand.

“I would say over the last two or three years we’ve noticed that men have been dressing a little bit more casually and they were a little more open and really were jealous that only their lady friends could wear jewelry,” Hopenhajm explained. “So, I find just in general men pay more attention to how they look physically. I think part of that also is they don’t mind putting on a pretty piece of jewelry.”

Hopenhajm explained that while Seaman Schepps doesn’t release new collections on a seasonal basis, the jeweler does plan to continue expanding its men’s offerings in the future.

“My attitude toward design is really not to make something that’s fashionable today,” he said. “But, to create something with really good design that will outlast the original time it was made for and is still desirable.”

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