EXCLUSIVE: Lemme Launches Its First Capsule Format

Lemme is entering a new supplement category.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s ingestible wellness brand is launching its first capsule format with Lemme Curb, $40, meant to promote healthy blood sugar, boost carbohydrate and glucose metabolism and reduce unhealthy cravings.

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“I wanted to launch Lemme Curb to help everyone get off the sugar roller coaster. Blood sugar spikes can cause fatigue and inflammation but they actually increase your cravings too,” Kardashian Barker said. “Our breakthrough formulation uses natural and clinically studied ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels and regulate glucose metabolism.”

Although Lemme launched with an array of gummies and now tinctures, offering several formats is strategic for the brand, as the U.S. vitamin, mineral and supplement market overall totals $42.5 billion according to Mintel. While gummies are continuously growing in popularity — in 2022, 41 percent of consumers preferred gummies over other formats — data from Circana shows that capsules are the largest sect within the supplement market. According to Huck, capsules were one of the top consumer requests since the brand launched.

“Kourtney has been a longtime fan of capsules,” Kardashian Barker’s business partner Simon Huck told WWD. “Gummies for a lot of people are the beginning of their wellness journey and capsules tend to find people kind of in the mid-stage of their wellness journey, so it just made sense.”

Lemme Curb marks the brand’s first capsule launch.
Lemme Curb marks the brand’s first capsule launch.

Lemme Curb employs Chromax, a form of chromium, a mineral which is thought to boost metabolism, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The formula also features wild bitter melon, thought to promote healthy blood sugar levels; cinnamon, known to reduce inflammation and blood sugar; potassium, known to promote heart health, and a greens mix to provide a daily serving of vegetables, all according to the Cleveland Clinic.

“Science is showing us that glucose spikes can lead to heightened inflammation, unwanted cravings, hormonal imbalances, disrupted sleep patterns and even faster aging. We also know that metabolic health is directly correlated with blood sugar levels and insulin responses,” said Leona West, a functional nutritionist who has worked on Lemme formulations. “That’s why we formulated Lemme Curb with clinically studied ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels, help insulin function and support blood sugar metabolism.”

With this new launch, Lemme, which recently launched at Ulta Beauty, is expected to continue to innovate with capsules as well as additional formats, according to the brand.

The new product will be available starting July 25 on Lemme’s website.

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