Exclusive Foundation season 2 clip teases an intense space battle Star Wars would be proud of

 Demerzel and an injured Brother Day stand in the ruins of a destroyed building in Foundation season 2
Demerzel and an injured Brother Day stand in the ruins of a destroyed building in Foundation season 2

Foundation season 2 is gearing up for its most explosive episode yet – and TechRadar can exclusively reveal an action-packed clip from its ninth entry.

It's surreal to think that there are only two episodes of Foundation season 2 left. Still, as the weeks have gone on, the tension has only increased with each passing episode of the hit Apple TV Plus sci-fi series. So much so, in fact, that we're finally about to witness this season's biggest set-piece.

Things are about to take an almighty high-stakes turn for Hari Seldon's titular Foundation and the Galactic Empire, with an epic space battle set to play out in the show's next episode. If you want a quick look at what's to come in Foundation season 2's penultimate installment, TechRadar has some first-look footage for you to pore over as the Star Wars-inspired dogfight gets underway. Check it out below:

You can see why comparisons between Foundation and its fellow iconic sci-fi franchise are easy to make.

For starters, we can't help but think the Trade Federation-looking Invictus starship – remember, this is the vessel that the Foundation took from under the Empire's noses in season 1 – and the Vulture Class Drone-looking starfighters are highly reminiscent of space vessels seen in Star Wars' prequel movie trilogy. Then there's fast-paced space combat and call signs (we're getting 'Red One, standing by' vibes from the Empire's fighters) that only heighten the similarities.

Showrunner David S Goyer previously – and exclusively – told TechRadar that Foundation season 2 isn't trying to be Apple's version of Star Wars. Based on the above, though, we'll just have to take Goyer's word for it. Regardless, after the shocking events that played out in episode 8, the Empire is gunning for the Terminus-based Foundation. Expect sparks to fly, and tears shed, in season 2's second-to-last entry.

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After a slow, inauspicious start to life on Apple's streaming service, Foundation has become one of the best Apple TV Plus shows around. In our Foundation season 2 review, we said it "rights every wrong from the show’s first season in cosmically dazzling fashion", and "if the nine episodes that follow are as excellent as [episode 1], Foundation will not only cement its place as one of the best Apple TV Plus series, but confirm one of the world’s best streaming services as the place to go for any sci-fi fan’s needs".

Considering that season 2's eight episodes have been superb watches thus far, we're not far off being right in our assertions – and with 86% and 70% certified fresh critics and audience overall scores respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems many viewers agree with us. Let's hope we can continue to follow Hari and company's journeys in the future if another season is greenlit – according to reports, Foundation season 3 is on the way, but nobody's allowed to talk about it – yet.

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