Exclusive: AEW's Paul Wight: "Every mystery opponent, it's always my head"

paul big show wight
Paul Wight talks move to commentary in AEWJason Koerner - Getty Images

AEW is about to hold its biggest show ever, All In, at London's Wembley Stadium this Sunday (August 27).

For everyone involved, All In is set to be one of the most memorable nights of their careers, even for seasoned veterans such as Paul Wight, who has been in the wrestling business for nearly three decades.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy ahead of All In, the former Big Show said he was "really excited," for the younger AEW talent to have the experience of performing in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium.

paul big show wight
Jason Koerner - Getty Images

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Since signing with AEW in 2020, Wight has worked four short matches but he has no plans to make a big return to the ring at All In, even if he looked like one of the Blackpool Combat Club's mystery partners ahead of their Stadium Stampede match.

The original match graphic showed three silhouettes with one looking suspiciously like Wight, however the 7 foot wrestler is used to seeing his head used in place of someone who's being kept a mystery.

Speaking about the match graphic, Wight said: "I think because my head is so big it's easy to hide people behind. Every time there's been a mystery opponent it's always my head, in every company."

Wight's head isn't his only body part that companies have used because of his impressive size. "The old fist on Smackdown, that was my fist, they took a mould of it," he explained.

"There's also an old T-shirt where John Cena is doing an Attitude Adjustment on a guy, that's me too."

paul big show wight
Jean Baptiste Lacroix - Getty Images

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With his in-ring career winding down, Wight has moved into commentary since arriving in AEW, working on YouTube show Dark: Elevation until the end of its run earlier this year.

Wight credits AEW owner Tony Khan for giving him the chance to try out commentary and opening a new path for him once he's officially retired as a wrestler.

"That's the great thing about Tony," Wight said. "He gave me a great opportunity to cut my teeth on Elevation and get to where I got comfortable with it and it's a work in progress.

"But [commentary] is where my career is going to go when I'm done in the ring for good, definitely," he added.

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