An Exceptional Journey with Cycle & Carriage Singapore

Cycle & Carriage Singapore brings a coterie of customers to the G-Class Experience Centre in Graz, Austria, for an once-in-a-lifetime encounter with this automotive icon.

The utilitarian history of Mercedes-Benz’s G-Class needs no introduction, and its present standing as a status symbol cannot be denied. With luxurious interiors, impressive credentials on a variety of terrains and rectilinear good looks, the success of the G-Class as the all-wheel drive par excellence was always on the cards from the time it was unveiled in 1979. Over the years, the Geländewagen, or cross-country vehicle has gone from rugged, capable and user-friendly vehicle to an undeniable automotive icon.

Cycle & Carriage G-Class Experience Center
The G-Class Experience Center was held as Graz, Austria.

In celebration of the G-Class’ 40th anniversary, it was announced that plans for an exclusive experience centre in Graz, Austria, for passionate petrolheads from all over the world to truly appreciate the spirit of this extraordinary vehicle. Located on a former military aerodrome, the 100,000 sq m G-Class Experience Centre presents the opportunity for customers and fans to try the enormous potential of the G-Glass and hone their driving skills on extreme terrain.

Guests were greeted by the line-up of G-Class vehicles upon arrival.
Guests were greeted by the line-up of G-Class vehicles upon arrival.

As the sole authorised dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Singapore, Cycle & Carriage invited a selected few customers to get a taste of the G-Class experience in Graz. With over seven decades of trusted partnership with the German car manufacturer, it comes as no surprise that Cycle & Carriage offers its customers such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In this curated and elusive three-day experience, they were able to put their all-terrain driving skills to the test, explore the charm of Austria and visit the manufacturing plant of Magna Steyr, where 500,000 G-Class vehicles have been built since 1979.

A G-Class in action.
A G-Class in action.

Cycle & Carriage’s curated experience also included a series of unforgettable dining experiences. This began with a welcome dinner at Austrian culinary institution Schlossberg, where father-and-son team Jörg and Nico Sackmann served up classic cuisine as well as modern culinary creations that draw on international influences and ingredients. Guests were also able to enjoy contemporary Austrian fare with a most unusual accompaniment – the Amber Cube, a G-Class from the first year of production in 1979, surrounded by the world’s largest synthetic resin installation.

Cycle & Carriage Singapore guests enjoying the welcome dinner.
Cycle & Carriage Singapore guests enjoying the welcome dinner.

Highlights at the G-Class experience centre include taking the vehicle out for a spin at G-Rock, a natural and an artificially created off-road section, where Cycle & Carriage’s guests came up close and personal with approach ramps of different surfaces and inclinations as well as through water – settings quite impossible to find at home in Singapore.

G-Class navigating the demanding terrain in Graz.
G-Class navigating the demanding terrain in Graz.

Guided by qualified instructors, they also negotiated an on-road section on an airfield’s former taxiways. This pushes the limits of each driver’s abilities with manoeuvres such as extreme braking and on slalom courses. All drivers emerged from day out G-Proved, a stamp to be proud of indeed!

G-Class in action
Guests driving the G-Class through a body of water.

“The past three days have been an absolute eye-opener! Not only were we treated to exclusive culinary creations, but the most memorable part was also definitely trying my hand at driving through the incredible terrain here at Graz. It’s definitely an experience that money cannot buy, and I look forward to more of such experiences in future. Thank you Cycle & Carriage,” shares Peter & Diana, Cycle & Carriage Singapore customers.

Cycle & Carriage customers
Cycle & Carriage Singapore customers Peter and Diana.

And it doesn’t end there for Cycle & Carriage customers: in addition to unique expeditions, customers can expect top-notch service every step of the way, including best-in-class experience at the state-of-the-art Alexandra Road showroom and after-sales service, to the Cycle & Carriage Customer My Privileges benefits. Moreover, vehicles purchased from Cycle & Carriage are covered by the 10-Year Engine Warranty Programme and also come with market-specific functions with full Mercedes Me Connect capabilities that support customers throughout their car ownership.

Cycle & Carriage group shot
Everyone had a blast at the three-day experience at Graz, Austria.

The Graz experience was certainly one to remember for the way it brought Cycle & Carriage customers face-to-face with the history and legacy of an automotive icon like the G-Class. After all, while there are some examples of offroad cars becoming luxury symbol in the automotive scene, none represent the principles of power, performance and luxury in quite the same way.

(All Images: Cycle & Carriage)