Ex-wife accuses Wang Baoqiang of assault

5 Dec – Ma Rong, the former wife of Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang, has recently accused the latter of assault.

As reported on Apple Daily, the 32-year-old mother of two told the media that the situation sparked after the "Buddies in India" star refused to let his kids leave with her, despite the custody agreement which stated that they are allowed to stay for a night with her on the weekends.

Ma stated following an argument, she contacted the police to diffuse the situation.

She later had another altercation with Wang, which ended with her calling the police again and claiming Wang was threatening to kill her.

However, Ma alleged that this time, Wang brought four to five other people with him, who then attacked her. She was struck on the head, the back, the neck, and the chin despite police's attempt to end the situation. She had since shared photos of her injuries on social media.

Her story was corroborated by her mother, who said that Wang quickly turned violent upon their arrival at the house to pick the kids. Ma's phone was also taken away after she tried to record the situation.

The conflict between Wang and his wife started two years ago, when the actor revealed to the public that Ma had cheated on him with his own manager Song Zhe, whom he had since fired.

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)