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Christmas Eve box ideas for kids, adults and

Christmas Eve boxes have become a modern Christmas tradition, perfect for kids, adults, and even pets. It's a fast-growing trend that the entire family can get on board with ahead of Christmas Day.

Let's be honest, for the slightly less organised among us, Christmas Eve mostly consists of us running around doing a last minute jobs – whether that's searching for stocking fillers, trying to wrap presents, prepping all the Christmas food, putting up any extra decorations before guests arrive – basically, it's usually a pretty stressful affair.

For kids, the excitement and build-up to Christmas Day is like no other. Not only is it usually quite difficult to send them to bed, but it's also quite a task trying to stop them from opening presents early. This is where the Christmas Eve box comes in.

What is a Christmas Eve box?

A Christmas Eve Box, typically given to children on 24th December to ease the excitement ahead of the big day, can be filled with festive goodies (as little or as much as you wish).

According to research conducted by Hobbycraft, searches for Christmas Eve boxes increased by 69 per cent last year compared to the year before — and they're showing no sign of slowing down.

Christmas Eve boxes vary in size, price and material. You could also easily make your own, depending on how much spare time you have and how creative you wish to get! Click here for a step-by-step DIY tutorial. For the ones you can buy, some come pre-filled with goodies, but mainly you buy an empty box (with a stylish, decorative design) and fill it with gifts separately. And it doesn't even have to be a box! You can now buy Christmas Eve bags (like a sack) or even Christmas Eve crates or chests.

Where can I buy a Christmas Eve box? has a brilliant selection that will leave you spoilt for choice. You can also find some great options on Etsy and, as it's a fast-growing trend, this year expect more department stores and supermarkets to sell them. It always pays to buy them early as they can sell out very quickly.

Christmas Eve box fillers – what to put in a Christmas Eve box

There really are no rules, but for kids, popular gifts for Christmas Eve boxes tend to include pyjamas, an activity pack or book, a novelty item, a personalised item, Christmas DVDs and chocolates or sweets.

For adults, it can similarly include pyjamas and chocolates, as well as personalised gifts (a mug, bauble, candle, socks etc).

For pets, you can fill it with a personalised collar, food treats and toys.

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