Everything We Know About The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer Release Date

GTA 6 trailer release date
GTA 6 trailer release date

Setting the internet ablaze, Rockstar has finally announced we will be getting a GTA 6 trailer – so we’ll take a look at the latest news, and rumours and explain the leaks.

The next Grand Theft Auto is probably the most hotly anticipated game right now, and when the trailer finally drops, there’s no doubt we will be endlessly and feverishly pouring over it to suck out every detail we can find.

It will be interesting to see how the trailer compares to the giant GTA 6 leak, and if it proves any of the more eyebrow-raising rumours on social media to be true.

Perhaps we will finally see an end to fans trying desperately to find clues in every piece of GTA media, but we doubt it.

Though the existence of an upcoming trailer is confirmed, we will still be taking a look at some of the past rumours, so have your fistfuls of salt at the ready.

Time will be the great revealer, but read on to get the latest updates on the GTA 6 trailer release date.

‘GTA 6’ trailer release date: Is it out yet?

At present, no official trailer for GTA 6 has been released but Rockstar has confirmed that a trailer will be coming in “early December”, as revealed by co-founder Sam Houser on X (formerly Twitter).

Jason Schreier recently reported on Bloomberg that we could see a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI next month and he was bang on the money.

Previously, InfinityBesk on X (formerly Twitter) had theorised that the GTA 6 trailer’s release date would be towards the end of October.

The unsuccessful prediction can be viewed below.

The time has come and gone that this “leak” said the trailer was supposed to come out.

Whether it was dumb luck that 26th October is close to this new supposed date or simply that Rockstar changed their plans is unknown.

What are the latest ‘GTA 6’ trailer rumours and leaks?

GTA – Rockstar Games
GTA – Rockstar Games

As we stated earlier, Schreier on Bloomberg revealed that “people familiar with [Take-Two’s] plans” revealed that we could be seeing a GTA 6 reveal very soon, perhaps “as early as this week”, and Rockstar must have felt the heat as they announced the release window very shortly thereafter.

Jason Schreier is a very reputable journalist who has been in the business for a long time, with a penchant for thorough investigative journalism, and he wouldn’t have reported on an unsubstantiated rumour.


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Outside of the GTA 6 leak, this was the most credible leak we’d seen and he’s now just been vindicated.

Schreier has brought to light many prolific bombshells and revelations, such as the prevalence of “crunch-time” culture in many development studios, and he had inside knowledge of No Man’s Sky’s delay well ahead of the curve.

In an interesting twist, Reddit user FollowTheDamnLeakCJ (beautiful name) recently claimed his wife works at Rockstar, and she had seen the GTA 6 trailer and spilled the beans to him.

The “leak” we speak of, though, is no more than a written description of the trailer, and has since been marked as “false”.

In light of Rockstar’s announcement and Schreier’s revelations, however, we’ll take a look at it.

Apparently, the trailer is to feature protagonists Jason and Lucia getting up to usual Grand Theft Auto activities, such as holding up a shop and escaping from the cops.

He says the trailer also features many shots of Vice City and goes into very specific details about what is seen and is said.

Soon enough we’ll find out if any of it is true. But seeing as it didn’t come out on 26th October, as all the predictions had suggested, alongside the suspicious amount of detail parsed from a secondhand source, we would say it’s unlikely, but they’ll go down in history if they were telling the truth

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