Everything We Know About 'The Crown' Season Six, Part Two

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Everything We Know About 'The Crown' S6, P2Netflix

The Crown’s sixth season is finally here. This chapter chronicles the monarchy from 1997 to 2005, promising a fitting end to one of the world's most compelling stories. Since its premiere in 2016, The Crown has explored the life of Queen Elizabeth II, her family, and the implications of international fame. Season Six has been split up into two tumultuous parts, which will cover Princess Diana’s death and funeral, Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding, the Queen's Jubilee, and Prince William and Prince Harry’s adult lives. The first batch of episodes was released today, November 15. If you had any doubt, it puts viewers directly in the eye of the storm.

Part One begins with a shot of Diana’s death, then jumps back in time to show the last eight weeks of her life. Those days are full of love and tension, as she begins dating Dodi Fayed while her ex-husband, Prince Charles, tries to get the public to approve of his new girlfriend, Camilla. Before her untimely demise, Diana travels the world and works for charity organizations, all while shielding her sons from the press, battling aggressive paparazzi, and alienation from the palace. Her death becomes a lesson for the royal family, which forces them to reckon with their legacy and moral code. By the time Part One is finished, it’s clear the monarch will never be the same.

Part Two of Season Six will explore the early aughts, diving deeper into the adult lives of William and Harry. Without their mother's guidance, they’ll have to rely on each other as William is primed to be the next heir to the throne. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see the story play out. In the meantime, you can watch Part One of Season Six on Netflix, then keep reading for everything we know about Part Two.

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Dianna with a young Harry and William. 2023 © Netflix

When Can I Watch Season Six, Part Two?

Part Two will premiere on December 14. The final half of the series will include six episodes. Given the ending of Part One, Part Two will likely begin right after Diana’s funeral—or with a brief time jump. Either way, the final six episodes have quite a bit of ground to cover.

What Will Happen in Season Six, Part Two?

The next batch of episodes will showcase a more modern version of the royal family. It is expected to feature Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding, along with Prince William’s time at the University of Saint Andrews, where he meets his future wife, Kate Middleton. Given the timeframe, Part Two may also include Princess Margaret's death.

Who Will Be in Season Six, Part Two?

Part Two will include the usual suspects—focusing on The Queen, Charles, Camilla, Harry, and William. However, we will see some new faces as well. Actress Meg Bellamy joins the cast as a young Kate Middleton, while actors Ed McVey and Luther Ford will play the young adult versions of William and Harry, respectively.

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