Everything You Need to Know About That Aries Moon in Your Birth Chart

Everything You Need to Know About That Aries Moon in Your Birth Chart

Hello, Aries Moons! Let's talk about you + your Moon sign. As you might know, your Moon sign relates to your inner self, your private life, and your subconscious mind. It speaks to the way you feel nurtured and the type of self-care that resonates with you. Your Moon sign is all about learning how to navigate your emotional landscape, as well as learning how to control your reactions. And of course, it's a vital piece when figuring out what makes you tick in love and romance, aka astrological compatibility.

What does your Moon sign tell you about your personality?

Unlike your Sun sign, your Moon sign reveals everything that is hidden behind closed doors. Think about the side of your personality that only surfaces during highly emotional moments and situations—that's shown by your Moon sign. Your Moon sign represents how you feel, the deepest parts of yourself, and who you really are. Unlike your Sun and Rising sign, your Moon sign comes out in your closest relationships, like with your family, best friend, and romantic partners.

Why is your Moon sign so important for romantic compatibility?

When it comes to life, but especially when it comes to love and romance, understanding the Moon is everything! Your Moon sign describes your emotional inner world, and it says so much about how you'll connect with someone romantically. It's even more important than your Sun sign when it comes to romantic compatibility, because romance is all about ~feelings~.

Moon Sign Calculator

If you don’t know your Moon sign, you can find yours with a free birth chart calculator by entering your exact time, day, and place of birth.

This birth chart calculator was created by www.astro-seek.com in collaboration with astrologer Narayana Montúfar. Learn more about Narayana's work on her website www.naramon.com.

Your Aries Moon Cheat Sheet

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruled by: Mars

Represented by: The Ram

Best crystals: Citrine, diamond, onyx, rose quartz, amber

Tarot card: The Emperor

Positive characteristics: Hard-working, loyal, sensual, good taste, trustworthy, romantic

Negative characteristics: Stubborn, materialistic, lazy, grudge-holding, egotistic

Aries Moon: Personality Traits

If your Moon sign is Aries, the planet Mars rules over your emotional make-up. This is where your red-hot, bold, and sometimes hot-tempered personality comes from. You live in the moment, thrive on being spontaneous, and crave a life of adventure. Your fiery disposition helps you face challenging situations head-on—you were born to take on obstacles. You are highly passionate: You know what you want, and you have no problem chasing it. In fact, acting on your needs is one of your strongest skills. Being assertive truly satisfies your burning soul.

Of course, so much fire can sometimes be all-consuming, especially when you feel emotionally challenged. When confrontations occur, you can be too quick to fight back. This impulsivity can sometimes leave others in shock—so it’s vital to learn how to control your emotions as well as your reactions. We get it, nothing happens fast enough for you, but patience can save you lots of headaches. Luckily, you get over things as quickly as it takes you to blow up—you just love living life in the fast lane!

You're an all-or-nothing kind of person, especially when it comes to relationships (both romantic and platonic). People might even be a little put off by your intensity, but the right person will feel the same way about you.

Aries Moon: Compatibility

When it comes to romance, you’re in it for the thrill of the chase! You’re not one to wait for the other person to ask you out, and you love taking the initiative—it actually turns you on! The truth is that boredom is your worst nightmare, and the second it shows up in a relationship, you’re on to the next one. Excitement is one of your relationship non-negotiables. You’re attracted to partners who can match your energy level and who, like you, live a life of adventure. Independence is also key for you, as you’re used to dancing to the rhythm of your own drum. Sometimes you just need time alone. Your romances might tend to be short-lived and end as fast as they began.

The Moon signs you vibe with are Moon in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius, and in some cases, Moon in Libra. Fire sign Moon signs like Leo and Sagittarius get your Aries Moon vibe quite well. Your emotions are on the same wavelength, and the sex will most likely be super-hot—just how you like it. A Leo Moon might sometimes be too needy for your taste, but a Sagittarius Moon will certainly understand your occasional need for space—they feel the same way.

Air sign Moons like Gemini Moon and Aquarius Moon will instigate a more intellectual attraction. The way they communicate and process emotions feeds your inner fire, which makes you feel seen and understood. Like you, they are socially inclined and independent, but also have a thrilling personality.

A Libra Moon could either be a great match, or a not-so-great one. Libra is opposite Aries on the zodiac wheel, and a love interest with the Moon in Libra could either compliment you or drive you crazy. Similarly, your relationship with fellow cardinal signs Cancer Moon and Capricorn Moon could result in a ton of growth for both of you...or you could just get on each other's nerves.

And finally, the other water sign Moons (Scorpio Moon and Pisces Moon) are too emotional and the other earth sign Moons (Taurus Moon and Virgo Moon) are too practical—*cough* boring *cough*—for your fiery nature. You want to go, go, go, all the time!

  • You're most compatible with: Aries Moon, Gemini Moon, Leo Moon, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Moon

  • You're less compatible with: Taurus Moon, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Moon, Pisces Moon

  • It could go either way: Libra Moon, Cancer Moon, Capricorn Moon

Aries Moon: Celebrities

  • Rihanna

  • Selena Gomez

  • Cardi B

  • Kendall Jenner

  • Pink

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Shonda HRimes

  • Chris Rock

  • Tom Hiddleston

  • Salma Hayek

  • Daniel Radcliffe

  • Dev Patel

  • Avan Jogia

  • Emily Ratajkowski

  • Devon Aoki

  • Sophie Turner

  • Jenny Slate

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Randall Park

  • Joaquin Phoenix

  • Jared Leto

  • Eva Green

  • Daniel Craig

  • Eva Longoria

  • Rooney Mara

  • Tyra Banks

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