'Everybody's Golf' adds fishing, buggies this August

Playing with friends in "Everybody's Golf"

Laid-back PlayStation franchise "Everybody's Golf" -- also known as "Hot Shots Golf" -- is arriving on PlayStation 4 the week of August 29, expanding to cover a couple of other fairway diversions, and with an online beta starting in May.

A bright and breezy trailer for "Everybody's Golf" has launched, soundtracked by new Owl City song "Clap Your Hands," showcasing seaside, city, and desert courses, as well as golf kart racing and swimming as some new additions to the series.

The franchise started out in 1997 on PlayStation's first console, and has since landed on every PlayStation system since, offering a simplified simulation combined with layers of character customization, exacting approach play, and precision putting for those that want the extra challenge.

Previously known as "Hot Shots Golf" in North America, the series is homogenizing internationally under the "Everybody's Golf" name for its 2017 installment. In Japan it's to be called "New Minna No Golf."

Encouraging pre-orders are a selection of bonuses, including a 20th Anniversary Course and a rabbit costume (worldwide) as well as two character costume shirts, a PlayStation Network avatar, a premium golf kart and a dynamic PlayStation Theme (confirmed for NA and EU.)

The PlayStation 4 game is to be released August 29 in North America, August 30 in European regions, and August 31 in Japan, the respective PlayStation blogs announced, and before then a closed online beta test will be held towards the end of May.

It runs May 26 to 28, and while the NA and EU blogs advised fans that details would be sent "to eligible players soon," the Japanese blog and official site for "New Mingol" outlined its own process in a little more detail: tickets for the test could be downloaded from the Japanese PlayStation Store (store.playstation.com/#!/ja-jp/cid=PN.CH.JP-PN.CH.MIXED.JP-CATEGORY00001058) until Sunday May 7, with participants then selected on May 11.

Everybody's Golf - Announcement Trailer | PS4: youtu.be/jbv5qnspMQg