Evergreen Mak defends TVB's "Litigation Home"

19 Jun - Evergreen Mak, one of the hosts of TVB's new family-related show, "Litigation Home" (formerly reported as "None of Your Family") stated that there is nothing fake about the people coming to the show to talk about their family problem.

The actor was referring to the backlash the show received from some Netizens, who claimed that it was using other people's misery as entertainment, while others believed that the people who came to the show were only actors making up problems for the sake of having a show.

According to Mingpao, Evergreen, who appeared at the 50th Anniversary celebration of Yan Chai Hospital, denied these claims by saying, "Actually, the people [who came to the show] are real people who have received psychological counselling."

The actor added that the people who came to the show weren't trying to get publicity, but to improve relationships and repair the cracks.

"Some people don't know how to deal with their problem. By speaking out, we can solve these problems together," he said.

(Photo Source: stheadline.com)