Eva Amurri wants ex to stay away from delivery room for baby's birth

Eva Amurri wants ex to stay away from delivery room for baby's birth

Pregnant actress Eva Amurri has asked her ex-husband to stay away from the delivery room when she gives birth.

The 34 year old, who is Susan Sarandon's daughter, insists she'll be able to relax more if Kyle Martino isn't there to witness the birth of the former couple's third child.

"Our intimacy level has totally changed now that we aren't a couple, obviously, and in order to really let go and allow labour to progress (especially with a home birth) it's so important to feel completely at ease in your body and support...," Eva writes on her pregnancy blog. "I've realised that having a strong female energy present at my birth this time is going to bring that for me.

"I've elected to have my female midwives, my awesome doula (also a woman), and some incredible girlfriends - who are all Mamas as well."

Eva is weeks away from her due date and admits she feels calm and relaxed about the birth.

"The baby's nursery is finished, and his clothes are washed and put away, and all of that is settling my nerves and making me feel logistically prepared," she explains. "I've also realised this time around how little you really need for a newborn. It's only taken me three children to figure that one out."

Amurri announced the pregnancy in September (19), two months before she and her husband split.

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