In Europe, electric car sales overtake diesels

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More than one in five cars sold in Europe in August 2021 was electric.

For the first time, sales of electric cars -- 100% electric and plug-in hybrid models -- surpassed sales of cars with diesel engines in Europe in August 2021. While gasoline models remain the majority, sales of electric vehicles have never been so strong, driven in particular by the arrival of many new models on the market.

According to cumulative data on new car sales in 26 European countries, published by Jato, while gasoline-powered vehicles are still by far the top-selling category (56% market share), electric models (21%) are overtaking diesel engines (20%) for the first time. This is a historic shift.

In terms of electric vehicles, it is the new Volkswagen ID.3 that tops the sales charts (7,904 units sold), ahead of the Tesla Model 3 (7,824) and the Volkswagen ID.4 (4,624). Note the entry of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y in the Top 10 sales of electric vehicles. Demand was also strong for electric versions of the Fiat 500, Peugeot 208, Hyundai Kona, Opel Corsa and Kia Niro.

Across all engine types, the Dacia Sandero was the top-selling model on the continent (14,961).

Overall car sales in Europe show an 18% decline in August 2021. With 713,714 units sold, this is the lowest number recorded in August since 2014. Nevertheless, year-to-date sales are higher than in 2020.

David Bénard

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