Eu Yan Sang adds traditional Chinese medicine to hip cocktails

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter
Ice Land, one of the cocktails by Eu Yan Sang X The Library. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singappore)

Get a refreshing buzz while curing your sore throats with these new Chinese herb-infused cocktails, whipped up by the bartenders at speakeasy bar The Library.

Launched in collaboration with popular traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand Eu Yan Sang on Thursday (2 March), the range of new TCM cocktails include The Banana Company, Ice Land, Thousand Eyes Cobbler, Sun of Fuji and Rice & Shine.

The cocktails pair with TCM-infused canapés such as Five Spices Fish Skin, Chrysanthemum Jelly with Goji Berry and Ophiopogon, grilled pork belly skewers with clove and ginger glaze and black sesame seeds.

“Increasingly, we are meeting the young generation who pop by our retail stores to purchase products or to pose questions related to their health conditions. We expect this demographic to grow along with us,” said Serene Show, managing director of Eu Yan Singapore.

Neon lights showing the year Eu Yan Sang was established above a showcase of Chinese herbs. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

The bars’ general managers Adam Bursik and Lukas Kaufman worked closely with TCM physician Wong She Xuan. The trio experimented with close to 40 different types of Chinese herbs before coming up with the range of cocktails and canapés that both taste good and are medically safe for consumption.

Some of the herbs they ended up using included Schisandra fruit, Momordica fruit and Licorice.

The two brands have also worked with a design studio to come up with a funky pop-up showcase located at the entrance of the bar.

Here, you will be welcomed by bright neon lights, a mini-exhibition of Chinese herbs placed on the walls and floors, as well as a “Four-tune” telling booth where you will find colourful cards that give you answers to your medical concerns.

Not sure which TCM cocktail is the right one for you? Take a fun personality quiz using the iPad available among the Chinese herbs. They have cocktails suitable for those who are naughty or nice.

The Library is located at 47 Keong Saik Road, beside Yanti’s Nasi Padang and across from the Potato Head Folk.

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