EU summit calls for more aid to Ukraine and pledges security guarantees

European Union
European Union

The EU is calling for an acceleration of military aid to Ukraine and tightening of sanctions against Russia, in addition to making long-term security commitments to Kyiv, the European Council said in a post-summit communique on Oct. 27.

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EU leaders reiterated their condemnation of Russia's war against Ukraine and will continue to provide financial, economic, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine and its people "for as long as necessary." The EU will provide military support through existing joint programs, as well as bilateral support from individual member states. The EU stressed the importance of speeding up military aid to Ukraine, including the initiative to transfer 1 million artillery rounds by March 2024.

The EU will expedite the transfer of generators, transformers, mobile heating points and other equipment to Ukraine in preparation for winter. Leaders also welcomed the extension of temporary protections for Ukrainian refugees until March 2025.

EU leaders pledged to join G7 security commitments to Ukraine and called on the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, to hold consultations with the Ukrainian side. They also stated that military support and commitments will be provided "with full respect for the policies of some member states and taking into account the interests of all member states."

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In the conclusions, the document emphasizes that Russia and its leadership should bear full responsibility for the aggressive war against Ukraine and other "most serious crimes." The EU urged to continue work on the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute Moscow for the crime of aggression and supported the work of the International Criminal Court.

The EU emphasized that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened, and circumvention of existing restrictions should not be allowed. EU leaders condemned Iran's and Belarus' support for Russia, and called on all countries, including North Korea, not to provide material or other support to Russia's aggressive war.

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The European Union condemned Russia's abandonment of the Black Sea Grain Initiative and attacks on Ukrainian grain storage facilities and ports.

“The European Union will continue to work closely with Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia and support their reform efforts on their European path,” the document also said.

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