Etta Ng kicked out of hostel for failing to pay rent

18 Dec – After making headlines around the globe for their marriage, Etta Ng and wife Andi Autumn made news yet again for the wrong reason - being kicked out of their temporary living space for failing to pay rent.

The couple, who has been living in a hostel since returning to Hong Kong after experiencing financial woes in Canada, reportedly owed the owner over HKD 2,000 for half the duration they have stayed at the said place in Mongkok.

The owner, Ms. Liu, told Apple Daily that the couple checked in since 25 November and wanted to stay there for a month for a daily rent of HKD 450.

Ms Liu claimed that while she was told by Etta and Andi that they are working as models, she did not see them go out to work, but spent most of their time staying in the room and playing on the computer. The couple would only leave the hostel room for a meal.

She also stressed that she didn't know who Etta was as she didn't read the news. However, the couple had failed to pay her rent since the 9th of this month, amounting to a total of HKD2250.

The owner revealed that after repeatedly asking Etta for rent, she decided to call the police to evict them after being told by Etta that she only had HKD 20 on her.

Etta had since contacted her mother, actress Elaine Ng, who promised the owner that she will pay for the rent owed by her daughter.

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)

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