Etta Ng happy with outpouring of support

11 Oct - Etta Ng recently gave a statement for the first time about her sexuality, after previously confirming that she is indeed gay.

The 17-year-old, who hasn't spoken about it since she made a short statement last week, expressed her awe at how much support and love that have been coming her way.

She also confirmed that Instagram model Andi Autumn is her girlfriend, saying, "I am speechless at how followers went to my girlfriend [Andi Autumn] and my account to show us both so much positivity."

At the same time, Etta expressed her criticism towards the Hong Kong media for mocking their relationship, saying that people around the world are more supportive of them than the media are.

"I've grown up in a world of negativity and close mindedness but I am at that point where I realise that I can use my experience to tell my truths and help others just like me. Thankfully I've grown since the days I was powerless and uncertain what the world has for me," she added.

Etta ended her post by thanking her Instagram followers for their love and acceptance.

On the other hand, her mother Elaine Yiu recently stated that she is proud of Etta for "being able to take care of her 30-year-old girlfriend", whom she said doesn't have a job.

She also added that her door is always open for Etta, although added that she will only raise her daughter.

(Photo Source: Etta Ng Instagram)