Esmeralda Baez, On Entrepreneurship and Entertainment

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Esmeralda Baez, is not only a socialite and influencer, She is also a recognizable name in the entertainment industry. Baez, has been involved in the creative process and development of artists and brands. She is a leading publicist in digital campaigns, traditional marketing, public relations, client relations, image and social media consulting.

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Esmeralda is not your typical publicist, She has no educational background on the field. She learned and educated herself about the business by reading, doing research & attending seminars. Baez, shared with us that in order to grow in this industry is very important to use your resources, ask for help, create your own opportunities and then focus on building a team.

In 2019, Baez partnered up with three different companies which specialize in journalism, advertisement & production. She understands the importance of creating alliances and working with credible experts.

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Baez, The founder of Elite Vision Media shared, We're not just pitching stories or counting impressions from a press release, Our media team digs deep into every project we work on. The music and entertainment industry is all about credibility plus work ethic, and when you combine those plus hard work; You are destined to win. Anyone can reach out to her on @es__xo, her official Instagram account to get in touch with her directly.

Ultimately, she added: My goal is to have a voice of impact for the younger generation of women, especially immigrants and minorities. I think in the times that we living right now its critical to teach young girls that they can make it in any field without compromising their morals & values. I want to continue expanding so that im able to create more opportunities for them & this way they have the confidence to pursue their dreams & passion.

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