Erra Fazira won't mind daughter becoming an actress

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5 Oct – Erra Fazira recently stated that she has no qualms at all if her only daughter Engku Aleesya wants to be an actress like her.

The actress, who was asked about Aleesya's future, stated that she is a modern mum who would rather not decide on what her daughter can or cannot do.

Said Erra, "If she wants to be a celebrity like me, I have no problem with that because I can always monitor her activities."

"But of course, when it comes to Aleesya, I can't make the decision on my own. I need to ask Engku Emran. If I give her an okay, but he won't agree, that wouldn't be good. We need to have a mutual agreement," she said, referring to her ex-husband.

Aleesya with her dad Engku Emran and his wife, Noor Nabila
Aleesya with her dad Engku Emran and his wife, Noor Nabila

On the other hand, Erra is set to return in the TV3 series, "Gerak Khas Undercover", reprising her role from the original show, except that the character now is a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

"Since she is promoted, it means my character spends more time in the office. There would be some outdoor scenes, but I haven't been required to do any action scenes for now," she said.

Erra with her only child Aleesya
Erra with her only child Aleesya

(Photo Source: Erra Fazira Instagram, Engku Emran Instagram)

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