Ernest W. Baker RTW Fall 2024

For fall, Reid Baker and Ines Amorim continued to explore the idea of mining garments from a grandparent’s closet. (It’s not by chance the brand’s name nods to Baker’s grandfather, Ernest W. Baker, after all.)

“We did it through the lens of this youthful rebelliousness,” said Reid Baker. “So how would the youth rework something classic for right now?”

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It is by juxtaposing contrasting elements. A classic tailored black suit jacket has do-it-yourself gold studs to inject a punkish feel.

“We are very big on strong, total looks,” said Baker, pointing to how such gold studding runs through to trousers, shoes, gloves, a bag and belt.

Amorim highlighted that a rose motif, recurring each season, is used for another total look.

The duo worked with vintage checked upcycled jacket lining for jackets, a skirt and trousers. A Baroque jacquard was crafted into a tracksuit and knitwear. Other sweaters in various colorways with wide, looped stitching were painstakingly hand-crocheted.

The vibe was an extension of the grandma chic focus for spring. Baker and Amorim artfully craft looks that are simultaneously buttoned up and buttoned down.

“Each season we’re layering on previous seasons,” said Baker. “We’re just refining and trying to continue elevating everything that we do.”

Launch Gallery: Ernest W. Baker RTW Fall 2024

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