Erik Matti: Valentina has been cast

10 Aug – Filmmaker Erik Matti recently revealed that he has already found the perfect actress to play the role of Valentina in the upcoming "Darna" movie.

As reported on Inquirer, the director, who spoke about the long-delayed project recently, shared that the movie is currently moving at a steady pace, with important roles now already filled.

This include Darna's main nemesis Valentina and Narda's younger brother Ding.

However, Matti is adamant about keeping mum when it comes to the identity of the actors cast for the said roles for the time being.

Prior to the latest news, fans of the franchise previously gave several suggestions for the role of Valentina, with many favouring either Iza Calzado, Arci Munoz, or Matti's latest action star, Anne Curtis.

On the other hand, he director also revealed that the upcoming film will have a more serious tone than its predecessors, and it will be reflected on the design of Darna's costume.

(Photo Source: Erik Matti Instagram)