Erik Matti defends casting Liza Soberano as Darna

The filmmaker says that the actress has both Narda's sweetness and Darna's edge

22 Jun - Filipino filmmaker Erik Matti recently defended his decision to cast young actress Liza Soberano as the new Darna as the replacement for its original star, Angel Locsin.

As reported on Sunstar, Soberano's casting as the female superhero was met with criticisms recently, after some Netizens commented on the actress' accented speech and lack of maturity to play such an iconic character.

Speaking to the media about the choice, Matti stressed that the 19-year-old is just warming up to the character and will definitely nail it after some training.

"She is a good pick because of her features. She could be really sweet and innocent, but at the same time, she could also be fiery, brave and can represent [the spirit of a Filipina]," he said.

As for her costume, Matti said that they are still discussing the best costume for Soberano.

"I've been tagged on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with so many designs of the new Darna. A lot of them look awesome and the ideas behind them are really great. We'd probably work on maybe 15 types of costume for Darna and of course we are trying to come up now with a design that is really fitting of Liza," he said.

He added that the plan is for Darna to have a costume that is both modern and progressive.

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