Erich Gonzales not looking to date anybody

12 Feb – Yes, Erich Gonzales is still single; and no, she is not looking to enter into another relationship right now.

As reported on Rappler, the actress, who appeared at the press conference of her new series, "The Blood Sisters" recently, shared that she just wants to focus on the good and the positive.

"There is more to life than being in a relationship. I don't need someone to be truly happy," she said, adding that she has learned a lot from her past relationships.

Said Gonzales, the next step is building a life together, which means it is very important that she finds the right man to be her partner.

When asked what kind of man would she like to be with in the future, the actress stated that she would prefer someone with a good character instead of good-looks.

"I want someone who is intelligent and can engage you in a conversation. I also hope to be with someone who can make me laugh," she added.

(Photo Source: Erich Gonzales Instagram)