Eric Tsang to relaunch "Super Trio" show?

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

5 Feb – Now that he has been appointed the new Deputy General Manager of TVB, rumours are rife that Eric Tsang will be reviving his old variety show, "Super Trio".

As reported on Skypost, sources claimed that the actor-producer has already begun planning the blueprint for the future development of TVB variety shows, and is fully committed to producing variety shows that will suit the taste of Hong Kong audiences and mainland viewers alike.

This would include re-launching his aforementioned show, which previously ran for ten seasons before its last show, "Super Trio Maximus" ended in 2015.

The original show, which first broadcast in 1995, was hosted by Eric himself, with Jerry Lamb and Chin Ka Lok as his assistants. The show featured various celebrity guests every week, who would have to participate in the many games prepared for them.

Among the top celebrities who have participated in the show include Nick Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, Andy Hui, Francis Ng, and Carina Lau.

When asked about the possibility of "Super Trio" coming back, newer TVB artistes like Crystal Fung and Kaman Kong expressed their support for it to happen.

Said Crystal, "I've attended one of their shows as an audience and took a lot of prizes home. I really would love to become a host on the show, give out prizes and bring happiness to everybody."

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)