Epson projector comes with ‘ambient light rejecting screen' for daytime viewing

Epson announces the LS500 Laser Projection TV optimized for daytime viewing

Epson has revealed the LS500 Laser Projection TV, a projector that has been optimized to offer TV viewers a crisp and clear image even during daylight hours.

To enjoy video content via a projector-generated image, more often than not, viewers have to either dim the lights, pull the blinds, or wait until twilight to get a reasonably visible image. Epson aimed to tackle this issue with the launch of the LS500 Laser Projection TV on Thursday.

The product consists of two parts: the projector, which can project 4K HDR content from up 120 inches away, and an "ultra-high definition ambient light rejecting screen," which aids the projector in displaying sharp pictures with deep blacks and vibrant colors.

According to Epson, this system is a competitive alternative to LCD and OLED TV because of its HDR and digital image processing, color accuracy, and contrast level. Furthermore, the projector is smart thanks to the Android TV operating system and Google Assistant integration.

The projector can be paired with a screen either 100-inches or 120-inches big with starting MSRPs of $4,999 and $5,999, respectively. Both options, available in either black or white color schemes, will hit the market in 2020.