Entrepreneurial Journey: NeeziieBabiie, Brow Beauty Queen

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There’s nothing that we enjoy more than sitting down with a self-made entrepreneur who’s enjoyed a successful, prosperous career, and seeing what has made them who they are. That’s what we did recently, talking to NeeziieBabiie of NeeziieBabiie Beauty. Hers is an exciting story, not to mention a highly inspiring one, that we’ll share with you below.

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NeeziieBabiie started doing brow threading and working as an amateur beauty technician when she was only fourteen years old. But immediately, she recognized that this was more than a way to pass the time. For NeeziieBabiie, brows were a passion that she knew she wanted to build into something more. So it was that at 19, while pursuing her nursing degree, NeeziieBabiie opened her first business, Threaded Beauty, which continues to work to this day, and never looked back. Now, ten years later, NeeziieBabiie is a professional brow technician with famous clients, such as the wife of LeBron James, and a 400k strong following on Instagram.

Of course, the life of an entrepreneur is never easy, and NeeziieBabiie was quick to point that out, while also explaining that for her, the pros far outweigh the cons of going it on your own.

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“What I enjoy the most is the flexibility of my schedule,” she confided. “I can be with my family as much as I want. Especially now that I have a little girl that is 16 months, I do not want to miss a beat with her. Being your boss is the best feeling in the world, knowing that you do not have to clock in on anyone else's watch. You make your own schedule and do whatever you want.”

Now, of course, NeeziieBabiie’s business has grown and expanded into way more than just brow threading. Back in 2015, after only four years of running her own business, she was able to open a second salon in Las Vegas, which understandably filled her with pride. What’s more, it drove her to pursue her dream with more determination, showing her that indeed, it was possible to succeed, if only she worked hard enough at it.

Her salons now offer numerous beauty services, such as microblading, microshading, ombre powder brows (all of which are known as permanent make-up solutions), hyaluron pen, brow lamination, and even body sculpting. For NeeziieBabiie, helping customers achieve their ideal body and face is a goal that she simply can’t quit. Indeed, she cites this as one of the achievements she’s most proud of, in her 10 years working as a brow expert. And it would seem she’s not the only one. In this time, she’s travelled all over the country, certifying dozens of brow technicians in her unique NeeziieBabiie technique.

What’s different about the NeeziieBabiie technique? The fact that the brows appear natural, and that it’s very difficult to tell the wearer has had any work done. All thanks to NeeziieBabiie, and her hard work as an entrepreneur and beauty technician. Here was a woman with a passion, and she wasn’t afraid to do anything it took to pursue it.