Entrepreneur & Real Estate Expert Todd Franzen Shares His Biggest Secrets To Success!

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Todd Franzen was building for McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s by the time he was 25. He built over a 5.5M construction co by the time he was 28. “I am the first millionaire in my family. I have bought and sold over 700 houses nationwide with my real estate business, doing over 11M in sales in 2019. And Started a real estate franchise division.”

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Todd is a completely fair guy. He is a guy that doesn’t want to see anyone crushed because his ego is out of hand. Todd is seen as a guy that will give you the shirt off his back or split the last dollar.

Making A Name

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Making a name within an industry that is constantly growing and changing can be quite difficult. Todd was able to make a name for himself within his niche by focusing on networking and growing the business when he first started. He mentioned some of the ways they build their brand, which is marketing and also TV commercials. This allows them to have more exposure so people are aware their wonderful business exists.

Uniqueness Within The Industry

Being unique within the industry helps you stand out for the better, bringing in more attention. Todd is different within his niche because they purchase all properties that fit his business model. He has built a program that he refers to as “the wealth wheel”. Todd holds himself and his business to very high standards. They do not flip contracts and he stands by his word, making him an honest and trustworthy man. He then states that his business bureau rating is an A+.

Successful Habits

Successful habits are what helps one achieve their goals, they can be essential when working towards your objective. Throughout Todd's time, he has found some tips that help in creating successful habits. One of his main tips for successful habits is to realize your dream and have a purpose. This will help you know what you want and give you more motivation to work towards your goal. Another tip Todd mentions is that you must have a plan. Having a goal and then executing your plan, because without this, nothing will come from it.


If Todd were to give one piece of advice to someone just starting out it would be to not listen to the negative people. Feeding into the thoughts of negative people will not help you in any way, it will only cause unnecessary roadblocks as negativity is very draining. Instead, Todd suggests finding like minded people to surround yourself with, as it will be the best option for your health and wellbeing.

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