Entrepreneur Kyler Smith Shares Her Story of Overcoming Obstacles To Obtain the Life of Her Dreams

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Meet Kyler Smith, a 20 year old woman from Baltimore, Maryland who has found success in entrepreneurship against all odds. Kyler suffered through a childhood filled with abuse from the one person who was meant to protect her the most but she was able to overcome her past and move into the life she has always known truly belonged to her. Let’s dive deeper into her story.

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Kyler, can you share what brought you to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur?

I never really set out to be an entrepreneur initially; I just knew I wanted to help people create because I have always been an artist. I was attracted to the idea of creating realities for people. It was something my father instilled in me since I was a child. Being able to help people in that way through my businesses is something that happened to work out well for me.

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What is the philosophy of your business?

I would say resiliency, abundance and appreciation. I think they all go hand in hand. I think that you have to be grateful for everything that you have. Accept losses as they come and attract the abundance that you're looking for.

Can you tell us about your businesses and how they help people?

I'm a digital entrepreneur and I'm also an online boutique owner. I never thought that I would own and grow either of them. But after being exposed to trading, it really opened up a new reality for me. Through trading, I realized I didn't need to work a regular job and depend on a few checks during the year to be able to survive, one paycheck to the next. I was able to really see what I was capable of doing. With the money I was making through the markets I could fuel my boutique. I wanted to be able to show people that you can use trading as a vehicle to your financial success. I didn't wake up and say, I want to be a Forex trader, but it's something that I depend on for everything that I pay for today.

What are the goals you have set for your future?

Personally, I'm just looking to continue to grow and develop as a person, every single day. As far as my businesses, I want to really be able to use them to change my city, and create an environment where people don't have to destroy each other to be able to create something amazing. I want everybody to feel like they have an abundance of resources to utilize. I'm looking to maximize on different housing projects, to teach people how to come in and trade and learn to be a pro. I want people to become self-sufficient in it so that they can move out and start their lives. I want everybody to just live comfortably without financial struggles.

You have an uncommonly altruistic approach to your business. Could you share some of the adversities you faced growing up?

I had an abusive mother while I was growing up, I was in that environment for 14 years. Somehow though, it never made me feel powerless. I always felt that I still had the power to change everything around me. I believed that the reality I was facing was preparing me for my successful future. So even after going through that, and getting myself out of that situation, I was able to see that through trading, I could help people feel the same level of strength that I always had. I feel invigorated being able to help people see their potential. I can see in my organization that there are so many people that once felt powerless at some point, and now they are succeeding. I helped them get a new start.

Honestly, the biggest thing is understanding that hurt people, hurt people. You can't fault people for being who they are, but you can continue to grow from it. You can continue to flourish, you can continue to create whatever reality you want for yourself. The biggest thing for me is taking whatever life throws at me and just turning it into something that's bright and that I can use for myself positively.

That is truly a wonderful outlook on life and on people. In closing, could you please share with us your three most important pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

First and foremost, be grateful. Grateful for where you're at in life and for where you're going to go. That attitude is going to get you through any door that you want to get through.

I think that it is crucially important to write your goals down on paper and keep them close to you. Keep them in your wallet or your purse. In order to bring it to life you have to continue to suggest it to the universe every day. Speaking with intention is something that's changed every single aspect of my life.

Lastly, goal setting and working faithfully. You have to understand that it won't always be sunny. You won't always be in the blue or profiting. You have to understand that when you get knocked down or you feel down, the important part is just being faithful and continuing to work well. Continue to be resilient and consistent, these are priceless attributes to have.

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