Judge Trevor Noah finds Giuliani in breach of the ‘hot mess act of 1934’

In a Daily Show segment on Tuesday, host Trevor Noah presided over a hilarious mock impeachment trial for Rudy Giuliani. And while the president's lawyer cannot actually be impeached, that didn't stop Noah from throwing on a powdered wig and taking the former New York City mayor to task for his central involvement in the Ukraine controversy.

Using the alias "Judge Mental" and a thick parliamentary accent, Noah examined some of Giuliani's "high crimes" that recently thrust this nation into turmoil.

Noah started with the whistleblower complaint that references the president's lawyer 30 times. "It appears Rudy Giuliani was the anus of this entire operation! Everything passed through him, and it stinks to high heaven!" Noah joked.

Judge Mental then called out Giuliani for oversharing during his television interviews, including his CNN interview with Chris Cuomo, which House Democrats cited when issuing Giuliani an impeachment probe subpoena earlier in the day.

After playing the Cuomo interview, Noah said, "It appears Giuliani was outsmarted by Chris Cuomo, which in and of itself is a crime! And even worse, this so-called mastermind confessed on national television."

Then Noah explored Giuliani's week-long media blitz of bonkers television appearances and on-camera antics. "It says a lot when you are the most unhinged person on Fox News. That's like being the smelliest person at a burning man," Noah cracked.

After serving up countless examples of Giuliani's contradictions, conspiracy theories, and bizarre interview tactics, Noah issued his ruling on the former mayor.

"On the charges of interfering in foreign affairs, acting as the president's personal thug and just being an overall hot mess in breach — breach of the hot mess act of 1394 this court finds you William Dracula Giuliani guilty!"

Check out the full segment below.

The Daily Show airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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