The enhanced LG V3O will feature AI for photography enthusiasts and shoppers

LG announces new Vision AI

Later this month at Mobile World Congress, LG will introduce its own suite of AI technology for smartphones, which will be available in the 2018 version of its flagship phone, LG V30.

LG Electronics has offered up a preview of its latest innovation for this year's LG smartphone buyers -- AI. A growing focus for the company, AI was also in the spotlight for LG at CES 2018 where it displayed its AI suite for home appliances, ThinQ.

The new suite of smartphone AI technology is designed to focus on the camera and voice recognition. Vision AI is a feature intended to improve photos, while Voice AI should eliminate the need to search through extensive menu options.

Those who purchase the enhanced LG V30 will be able to open and point their camera toward an object and automatically have a recommendation for the best ‘shooting mode', of which there are eight: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. A similar feature already exists on Huawei's Mate 10 Pro, which comes with 13 modes for photos.

The different modes proposed by the LG V30 are made possible due to over 100 million images being used to develop the phone's image recognition algorithms combined with what the camera sees. Factoring in the angle, reflections, backlighting and saturation levels, the LG V30 will decide how to best present your rainy day latte.

Furthermore, with Vision AI, shoppers can point the camera at products and either find out where to buy the item for the lowest price, automatically scan QR codes or initiate an image search. Some of these features are similar to those offered on Samsung's Bixby for the Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ smartphones, as well as on the Pixel phones that come with Google Lens.

LG's voice recognition technology, Voice AI, performs the usual tricks of running apps and adjusting settings but comes with exclusive LG voice commands for Google Assistant, such as “OK Google, take a selfie video on a wide angle.”

AI technology looks set to be a hot topic for LG as well as other brands at the upcoming MWC, which opens in Barcelona February 26.