The English House launches $9.99++ daily inflation menu with atas dishes that change daily

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It seems unbelievable to be able to enjoy fancy restaurant food at just S$9.99++, but The English House by Marco Pierre White makes this possible with their newly launched Inflation Menu.

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The Inflation Menu, which was launched on 1 May 2023, was created as a means for The English House to thank and give back to the community, according to a Facebook post by the restaurant. The post also cites empathy, compassion and generosity as The English House’s ethos, and emphasises that the restaurant is “a brasserie, not a fine dining restaurant”.

The Inflation Menu consists of a single dish for lunch and dinner that changes daily. The dishes are consistently priced at S$9.99++ and are only available for dine in. Given that most of The English House’s usual a la carte dishes cost anywhere from S$32++ to S$300++, this unbelievably low price is certainly a steal.

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations
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The very first Inflation Menu on 1 May came with a Western dish consisting of Slow Braised Stoddart’s Scotch, Shin of Beef Ragu and Calamarata Pasta, while the 2 May menu offered an Asian dish, containing Hong Kong Soya Chicken Wing, Braised Egg and Steamed Rice.

Other days saw similarly exciting and atas dishes like Ox Cheek Pie, Hong Kong Classic Acorn Fed Pork Belly with Tofu and Rice and Slowcooked Beef Ragu with Parpardelle. They even had a vegetarian option on 5 May, the Buddha’s Delight Vermicelli served with gravy.

the english house - inflation menu

The English House also teased that a Kung Pao Chicken Linguine dish will be coming soon to their Inflation Menu. What an exciting fusion of cultures!

As of 8 May 2023, The English House announced that its S$9.99++ Inflation Menu will be available daily from Mondays to Sundays. If you’re looking for an affordable yet delicious meal at a fancy restaurant, here’s your chance! I know I’ll certainly be heading down very soon.

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