Endless Dungeon FAQ: Gameplay, trailers, and everything we know

 Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

On Dec 11, 2023, Amplitude Studios unveiled a new game set in the long-running Endless franchise called Endless Dungeon. Endless Dungeon is a roguelike action game where players take command of a ragtag group of heroes trying to escape a space station crawling with monsters. In addition, Endless Dungeon is a spiritual successor to another game in the Endless series with a similar roguelike gameplay structure called Dungeons of the Endless.

A few years have passed since Endless Dungeon’s announcement and during that time, a ton of new information has been revealed about the game including its gameplay, playable characters, release date, what platforms it will release on, and more.

Here is everything you need to know about Endless Dungeon.

Endless Dungeon: What is it about?

Endless Dungeons follows the misadventures of a group of mercenaries, doctors, robots, and other eccentric characters that are stranded on an abandoned space station after their spaceship was forcibly pulled into it. To make matters worse, this space station is infested with ravenous monsters that will attack and devour anything that wanders into their territory.

Their only means of escape is to escort a robot called a Crystal to the space station’s Core and destroy it so their ship will be able to fly again. However, getting to The Core will not be easy as this space station has hundreds of floors to get through, each crawling with monsters, malfunctioning robots, and other hostile lifeforms that our heroes will need to protect the Crystal from.

Endless Dungeon: What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay of Endless Dungeon will have players select a squad of three heroes and escort the Crystal through the halls of procedurally generated dungeons while safeguarding it from endless waves of enemies.

To accomplish this, players will need to utilize the heroes’ skills and weapons effectively and strategically place defence turrets to protect the Crystal from harm. You will also need to explore station for chests that will hopefully contain gear to upgrade your characters abilities or treasure that can be sold off to net you money needed for buying supplies.

Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon can be played solo or with friends in online co-op and the game will function differently depending on which mode players partake in. In co-op mode, players will simply take control of each hero in the squad. Meanwhile, in solo-mode, one hero is controlled by the player while the other two heroes are AI-controlled. The player can give orders to their AI-party members or switch which hero they control on the fly during gameplay.

As with many roguelikes, death is not the end in Endless Dungeon. If you die or fail to protect the Crystal, you will be sent back to the Saloon. This place serves as the game’s central hub area where players can unwind, upgrade their gear, talk with NPCs to learn more about the space station, or unlock new paths to The Core that may help you reach it faster.

Endless Dungeon: Who are the heroes you will be playing?

In-game screenshot of Endless Dungeon gameplay
In-game screenshot of Endless Dungeon gameplay

Endless Dungeon will feature eight playable heroes at launch. Each hero is designed to serve specific roles that will increase your chances of surviving the monstrous hordes that await you. The heroes that have been revealed for Endless Dungeon thus far are:


Zed is a mercenary who loves heavy metal and blasting enemies to bits with hot lead. She is a damage-dealer who uses a mini-gun to mow down enemies and special shoulder-pads which can fire sonic booms or play heavy metal music that weakens foes and strengthens allies.


Bunker is a law-enforcing sheriff robot on a personal quest to avenge her partner in crime-fighting Bat, and who or what did him in. As her name implies, Bunker is a tank-focused hero who protects her allies by laying down forcefields and holding back crowds of enemies with her riot shield.


Blaze was part of a bandit gang that sought the space station on purpose to loot it of its treasures but ended being the only survivor of their unsuccessful heist. Blaze is a damage-dealer specialized in crowd control and blowing up groups of enemies with a never-ending supply of explosives.


Shroom is a former undertaker turned medic that strives to keep the squad with her collection of herbs and incense. As healing-based hero, Shroom’s job is to use her healing remedies to keep the party’s health in peak condition and boost their defensive stats to survive prolonged fights with monsters.


Comrade is an amnesiac, former military robot who has decided to rebel against their creators for making them commit terrible atrocities in their previous life. Comrade is a support-based hero who deals damage by deploying turrets, using his gunsmith skills to repair, and law down heavy fire upon stronger enemies by transforming his primary weapon into a giant turret cannon.


Fassie is a Drakken bartender on an ambitious journey to discover recipes to create the galaxy’s greatest beverages and elixirs. Fassie is support-based hero who aids party members giving drinks that boosts their stats and concocting explosive cocktails that will leave enemies reeling in pain.

Endless Dungeon: What platforms will it release on?

Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC via Windows and Steam.

Endless Dungeon: What are the PC Spec requirements?

Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

Here are the requirements for the PC version as stated on the game’s Steam page.

Endless Dungeon: Are there any pre-order bonuses?

Pre-ordering Endless Dungeon on PC will grant players to a closed beta test that will be scheduled to take place on Sept. 7th 2023, 16:00 CEST, and will last until Sept. 18th, 2023, 16:00 CEST. In addition, if players pre-order the Last Wish Edition of Endless Dungeon on Steam, they will net two additional closed beta codes they can gift to their friends for free.

Endless Dungeon: There are any special editions?

Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

There will be three versions of Endless Dungeon available at launch: the Standard Edition, Last Wish Edition, and Day One Edition. The content for every edition of Endless Dungeon contains the following:

Endless Dungeon: When will it be released?

In-game screenshot of Endless Dungeon
In-game screenshot of Endless Dungeon

Endless is scheduled to be released on Oct. 19, 2023.

Are you ready to trek through the Endless Dungeon?

Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon
Promotional screenshot of Endless Dungeon

From its devil-may-care space-western setting, action-packed roguelike gameplay, to its varied roster of quirky heroes with interesting backstories, Endless Dungeon is shaping up to be an intriguing upcoming title for Xbox and PC. On top of that, this game is a self-contained adventure, so you don’t have to play any of the other games in the Endless franchise to understand the story.

Will our heroes be able to escape and uncover the reason why this monster-infested space station is pulling in spaceships? Will Endless Dungeon’s dungeon-crawling gameplay loop be able to stand out from the crowd and help it become one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2023? Join the fight and find out when Endless Dungeon releases on Oct. 19, 2023, for Xbox & PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Endless Dungeon

Run and shoot through swarms of alien monsters to escape a doomed space station in Endless Dungeon. You can blast through these space horrors alone or with your buddies in 3-player co-op mayhem.

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