Emreezy: The Perfect All-Rounded Exemplary Personality

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Emre Emreezy (born September 12, 1999) is a Turkish social media star born in Birkesdorf/Duren, Germany who got significantly famous from a very young age. In between 2013-2016, he was a social media creator having a big community on Facebook. He was an E-Sports gamer in the years 2014-2015.

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Early Life:

In the year 2015, while surfing through some videos on social media, Emre found a name that sounds Emreezy very attractive and fall in love with this name. He found it to be a perfect stage name for his future, that would connect the stage audience with his work and also because it has a resemblance with his original name, Emre. He started utilizing his free time by doing fitness, playing video games, and posting various new content on his social media accounts. While playing video games online as a part of E-Sports, he had an excellent E-Sports career in which he won various prizes and was a winner in multiple tournaments also.

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From the very early age of his life, he always wanted to be a social media star. He was eager to start his social media career so he came up with the idea of “All good things in school". This was when he was thinking to start an Instagram page. He started to research further about how he could get more popular and came across a media industry, that is very powerful and profitable.

In the year 2016-2017, he became more focused on his career in the social media industry. He stopped playing professional video games and started to give more time and focus on his social media business. Instagram became his most favourite social media platform and already started to gather and maintain a small community that was growing at pace. Work becomes much easier when you enjoy what you do. The same happened with Emreezy, he started to enjoy creating new content from his lifestyle and then posting it on Instagram. That was eminently appreciated and liked by his followers and community members.

He was always into fashion. He liked to be kept updated about the fashion trends which are going on at present. From a very young age, he liked to try new outfits with the latest designs which are currently in fashion. Buying the latest design branded clothes every month was one of his habits. This gave him an idea to start his career in modelling and pursue the passion and love he had towards the fashion industry.

Presence in social media:

Emreezy's presence in various social media platforms is a well-established fact now. His brand is of a lifestyle/gaming company. That is presently running successfully on different social media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Mostly he is on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter because they are widely used amongst his target audience and are the best source of news for the consumers. These social media platforms are in use by several consumers on daily basis. This helps Emreezy to spread his content and attract more followers on daily basis.

Key to success:

Several factors play a vital role in the success of any individual. Emreezy’s success was the result of his passion and love for what he was doing. If you do not love and enjoy your work, chances are you will never be as successful as you could be. When you love your work, work becomes fun, and you start enjoying what you are doing. This results in producing the best possible results. That becomes the ultimate reason for your success. Emreezy has done the same. He loved his work and appreciated himself when he deserved it. Keeping an eye on the future and shooting for the next big thing was constantly in mind of Emreezy. Pushing himself to the limits, resulting in polishing his core abilities to create the best possible content for the consumers.


Hurdle and challenges are part of every work. Emreezy also had no exception. When you are involved in creating and maintaining a successful social media page, there is a barrage of constant challenges that comes on the way. Some of the common challenges include:

  • Time Management: When you are involved in multiple works, time management becomes very difficult. Finding time for everything becomes a problem. When you are a social media content creator, you require a peaceful time to use your imagination in creating unique and attractive content for the consumers.

  • Creating fresh content regularly: Social media industry has become enormous. There are multiple content creators available to divert your followers. Therefore, as a social media creator, you need to produce fresh content regularly to maintain the interest of your consumers.

  • Getting positive feedback: Feedback from your audience plays a vital role in the success of the channel. It is not mandatory that whatever content you post on your social media will always be appreciated and liked by your followers. Therefore, the struggle to produce fresh content that maintains the positive feedback of your audience is always there.


  • Lack of resources: Having resources to execute your ideas is another big challenge. Imagine you have spent a lot of time to produce great new ideas, but you are not able to execute those because of lack of resources, how unfortunate and stressful that would feel. Therefore, lack of resources plays an important role in the non-execution of new ideas.


By starting his career from a very young age, Emreezy has achieved a lot of success in social media networks. In the age when kids are busy playing games, Emreezy focussed upon growing himself as an individual personality and being famous for what he was doing. His success is a result of pure determination and passion for his work. He stayed focussed and overcome challenges that came along the journey. Now he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and growing. The same goes for other social networking platforms where he has a list of the humongous amount of loyal followers.

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