EmRata on being booked for "scary" modelling jobs while underweight

emily ratajkowski attends the 2023 mtv video music awards wearing a green halterneck dress
EmRata alludes to dangers of modelling industryDia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Back in March, Emily Ratajkowski opened up about one of the darkest points of her life while speaking on the Going Mental podcast. While talking to host Eileen Kelly about her marriage breakdown, having just had a baby (in 2021), and weighing only 100lbs, she confessed that - at the time - she "got really skinny" because she "was not OK."

Now, six months down the line, the 32-year-old has reflected further on this period, including alluding to the dangers of the modelling industry by revealing some of her past experiences within that world. The model, actor and author used her own safe space to talk about the issues: her podcast, High Low with EmRata which sadly, has just been cancelled by Sony.

During the episode, 'What's It Like to be a Model', Em revealed that, at one of her lowest weights (which she noted saw her BMI be the equivalent to someone suffering from anorexia), she was booked for large numbers of jobs. As such, she branded that specific era as "scary."

"I got so thin after Sly [her son] and the darkest point of my marriage," she recalled, adding that she was "working a lot."

"Make your judgments about the industry based on that," she said cryptically, before going on to detail further past experiences dating back to when she was a teenager. The model gave one example to her listeners, outlining that she was "dropped" by a client because she gained "a little bit of weight."

"It was a very intense job," she continued, as she labelled the entire experience as "not glamorous at all." However, despite intense scrutiny at such a young age, Emily was keen to point out how lucky she felt to be able to call modelling her job.

Elsewhere in the podcast, the model described her conflicting feelings towards modelling from being so young. Explaining that casting directors would make her "feel like sh*t" by looking her "up and down," Em did note that being plunged into an adult world as a teenager "toughened" her no end.

From learning very early on about rejection, and that people would have opinions on her body regardless of the way she felt, the mum-of-one said she "learned to be hyper aware" of her "physical self quite young."

"I'm not gonna lie, it was really hard," she concluded.

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