Empoy Marquez not pressured by success of "Kita Kita"

12 Sep - With his new movie soon to be released, Empoy Marquez said that he has felt no pressure whatsoever whether it will make a great box office record as his sleeper hit, "Kita Kita".

As reported on Push, the actor whose recent movie with Alessandra de Rossi made millions when it was in theatres last month, stated that the new movie, "Ang Kuwento ni Money", will be based on historical facts.

"The movie is about the history of the Philippine peso, and a guidance in appreciating the value of our money," he said.

Marquez said that he is not pressured to ensure his popularity stays intact with the new movie since it's different from the previous hit project.

"Kita Kita is a love story, and this is a part of the history of Philippines, so it's different," he said with a laugh.

The actor, however, is still thankful for the opportunity that was given to him to do "Kita Kita", which has enabled him to try other projects as well.

Aside from the new movie, Marquez will also be seen in a new television series alongside Piolo Pascual.

(Photo Source: Empoy Marquez Facebook)