Emmerdale's Charity finally confronts Mackenzie over baby lies

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Charity Dingle has finally confronted Mackenzie Boyd over his baby lies in Emmerdale.

Thursday's (May 11) hour-long episode saw Charity discover that her husband Mack has been lying for months about fathering a child with their former boarder Chloe Harris.

Mack has been struggling to keep his secret, especially after finding out that son Reuben is clinging to life after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

With Nate now knowing the truth too, he admitted to Mack that he's wrong to believe he can lead a secret double life with Charity while being in his son Reuben's life.

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Mack snuck off to the hospital where he joined Chloe in waiting for news about their son — and they were indeed eventually informed that there's no signs of brain damage after a recent scan.

At the same time, Charity and Amy were planning a surprise visit to the hospital to keep Chloe company following a stressful few days.

Charity was at first confused when she spotted Mack overcome with emotions as he stood with Reuben, though she quickly put together that he must be the child's mysterious father.

A stunned Charity held back her discovery from Amy, making an excuse that she was feeling "grotty" in order to flee.

"Don't tell Chloe that I came with you. It might freak her out a bit," she asked Amy.

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As she made a quick exit, Charity asked Amy to "look after" Chloe and her baby boy. Charity returned to the Woolpack, still shaken, but relayed to everyone that Reuben is going to be okay.

Mack returned to the village some time later, and while he tried to pretend he'd been off buying her flowers, Charity stopped him in his tracks.

He had tried to put down his mood swings to being anxious about their marriage, until she asked directly: "Why were you at the hospital? Why were you sat with Chloe's baby? Why did you tell him you were his daddy?"

As she begged him to simply admit the truth, Mack finally confessed: "He's mine. I'm Reuben's dad."

Will he be able to save his marriage in spite of this huge lie?

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