Emmerdale confirms return story for Gabby Thomas

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Emmerdale confirms return plot for GabbyITV

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed that Gabby Thomas will make her return to the village next week.

Gabby sparks tensions with village newcomer Suni Sharma as she continues to struggle with the humiliation she feels over being conned by Nicky Miligan.

When Gabby returns from her holiday, top of her agenda is to check in with Billy Fletcher following her recent attempt to kiss him.

Gabby is relieved when Billy reiterates that they can keep what happened a secret, meaning that his wife Dawn doesn't need to know.

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Later in the week, Victoria Barton complains about how The Hide needs a new chef.

Suni offers his services and carries out a trial, which quickly impresses Victoria as she offers him the job.

This news annoys Gabby, who is judging Suni harshly due to his relationship with Nicky.

Gabby vents to her friend Jacob Gallagher over the situation, before continuing to express her displeasure when Suni starts work for his first official shift.

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Earlier this year, Gabby was shocked when Nicky jilted her on their wedding day, explaining that he couldn't marry her as he's gay.

Nicky came clean about how his dad Caleb had forced him into a relationship with her as part of his ill-fated masterplan to claim Home Farm.

Discussing her short on-screen break, Rosie Bentham – who plays Gabby – recently told Inside Soap: "Hopefully she'll come back with a different head on with regards to the Nicky situation, but she needs to get through this mad phase, as this is definitely Gabby's wild era.

"Obviously, there's the anniversary of Liv Dingle's death on the horizon, and that's difficult for Gabby, as Liv was her best mate. Gabby has a lot on her plate and the next few months are chaotic."

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