Emme Wong and Yumiko Cheng have no plans for another baby

23 Oct – Singers Emme Wong and Yumiko Cheng recently admitted that they are happy for good friend Lillian Ho, who will be welcoming her third child soon, but have no plans to follow suit.

As reported on Mingpao, Emme, who appeared at an event organised by Kosé recently, stated that she and her pals have discussed about another pregnancy, and even thought about getting pregnant together.

However, she ended up not doing anything about it.

"It's just so comfortable right now. The kids are older, so we can now come out to work and play. I'm just not that willing to change the situation," she said, lightheartedly.

As for Yumiko, the singer said that her daughter Avery is close to Emme's son Chan Tsan and treats him like her own brother.

"Since both of them are like siblings, we're putting the pregnancy on hold for the time being," she said.

(Photo Source: Lillian Ho Instagram)