Emma Thompson has no desire to play 'beautiful' characters onscreen

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson has never wanted to portray "beautiful" characters in movies.

The two-time Oscar winner discussed how the film industry has "oppressed" her lengthy career during a recent interview on The Pleasure Podcast, and revealed that she has spent years purposefully avoiding playing certain characters if their appearance was described in the script.

"I've never been a Gwyneth Paltrow type. I didn't ever fit the norms that are generally required to be a sexually castable person, if we are talking Hollywood, or even here," the 60-year-old explained, noting that while she's always been a "character actor".

"If I was handed a script where it described the character I was going up for as 'beautiful', I wouldn't go up for the role. I would just go, 'That is not for me.' So, I was relieved by it but I was oppressed by it. Of course."

Now that she's in her sixties, the Late Night star also admitted that she's unfazed by the types of roles she gets offered, but can empathise with other Hollywood actresses her age.

"As you get older, you are relieved of all of that but I haven't had the same trajectory as someone like, say, Michelle Pfeiffer, which must be very hard when you are considered a great screen beauty and then to see that drifting away," Emma shared. "I don't notice it really because I have done other things. And because I have a political response to it - which is a kind of energy in itself."

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