Emma Roberts tops off any holiday party outfit with tights

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts always completes any holiday party outfit with a pair of fun tights.

The American Horror Story actress is known for her ability to pull off just about any fashion style or trend and she always pulls out all of the stops when it comes to the red carpet.

But when it comes to her top tip for accessorising for the festive season, Emma is all about stocking up on cute tights.

"I love anything I can wear tights with. I love glittery tights, polka-dot tights, coloured tights," she told Popsugar.com. "When you have a lot of holiday parties to go to, you can re-wear certain dresses (with a different pair of tights) and have a different moment. That's my little holiday party trick."

Among her other favourite accessories are boots and hair ribbons. And as for her best gift ideas, Emma is all about the bling.

"I always get my sister a piece of jewellery. I got her a little snake earring one year, she loved that. I love to get my mom a little bracelet that says 'mom' or any kind of cute little piece. I got her a little pink diamond band and me and matching one, one year," the 28-year-old shared.

Meanwhile, Emma's former Scream Queens co-star Lea Michele also likes to keep her festive wardrobe simple and swears a simple black trouser is the answer.

"It's perfect because you can wear it with a great boot, a chunky sweater, and a chic coat. I also really love a little bit of the Rachel Berry (her character on TV show Glee) miniskirt situation with tights and a chunky sweater," the actress added.

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